Jai Shree Krishna

On behalf of the executive committee, I have the pleasure to welcome you to the sparkling new website of Bhatia Association (UK).

After many long months of hard work, we finally have a new-look website that I think you’ll find easier to use, more helpful, and with lots of exciting new features.

I am proud and happy to say that the project was undertaken by three young committee members who joined this year, under the guidance of other experienced members.

At the onset, I would like to thank Kishorbhai Negandhi of N K Computers, who has been magnanimous in hosting the website at his cost and agreeing to maintain it free of charge.

The website is in its initial stages of development and more content will be added in the future.

The aim of the website is to get the information to all you members, as quickly as possible while also sharing the valuable history of our Bhatia community and make it one of the primary official channels of information.

We will post regular updates on matters relating to our community. Sometimes it will be about our wonderful supporters, and the work they are doing to raise funds, raise awareness, or any other experiences they have shared with us.

However, this isn’t just about us talking to you. We want to hear your thoughts, your suggestions for topics that we should cover here, or updates on anything you are doing in support of charity work.

Keep checking back as we continue adding more fabulous content, resources, and other information.

Best Regards
Rohit Babla
Bhatia Association (UK)